About the project
This project was a high priority in the modular redesign of the Walts TV website. During our research, we noticed a high cart abandonment rate, and received many communications from our customers about our "confusing checkout process". Thus I set out to redesign the page and checkout process, while incorporating new technologies and checkout services that Walts TV had recently partnered with.
user flow
After a few hours of research on the best checkout processes, and which had the highest conversion, and lowest cart abandonment rates, I developed a user flow. The user flow is intended to provide a bird's eye view of the checkout process, and inform any design/UI decisions. Thus by developing the user flow first, I was able to cut down on a lot of the time needed for the frontend design of the cart and check out process.
I brainstormed numerous approaches and sketched out a number of low-fi mockups before deciding to create mockups and prototypes of the two main checkout concepts. This was then shared with the the stakeholders and user tested by some of our sales and fulfillment team members. 
Based on their feedback, I came up with a plan to add some components and reorganize some of the information in a way that would make the process easier to navigate and faster to complete.
interactive prototype
The following is the prototype that was approved by the CEOs and sales team. 
This is an interactive embedded prototype, so feel free to click through the checkout button to experience the checkout process design.

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