About Zuvous
I worked on the branding of Zuvous during my time as an in-house designer at Turbulence. Zuvous aimed to introduce a product that redefined the home game room from a dark, awkward afterthought of space, into a centerpiece and conversation starter. The Zuvous product is one that is exclusive, luxurious, and unique, we wanted the brand to communicate those ideas.
customer profile
In order to develop the brand, it was important to first develop the customer profile. This informs any design decisions for the brand by allowing us to ask, how would our ideal customer feel about this?
Zuvous' target customer, Robert, is a financial analyst for a successful hedge fund in San Fransisco. Robert lives in Berkeley in a $2.5M home that has vast views of the bay and nature around it. He loves to entertain and enjoys collecting unique furniture and displaying rare items in his home. John played table tennis growing up and during college, and would love a table tennis table that completes his tasteful home decor.
These moodboards were essential in communicating the design and brand direction of Zuvous. These were also used as the basis of inspiration for video commercials for Zuvous.
This idea's goal was to show the durability and weight capacity of the table despite its unique shape. The Ballerina moodboard asks the viewer to imagine the table in a darkened room with selective lighting and plenty of smoke. A ballerina's silhouette is seen atop the table preforming pirouettes and leaps. 
Imagine the Zuvous table placed in a jungle with the sounds of exotic birds being heard over the music. The camera pans to show a baby elephant playing with a small ball atop the table, and the table top remains perfectly straight and perfectly withstanding the weight of a baby elephant.
In contrast to the elephant concept. This concept exudes elegance and playfulness. Picture a kitten jumping over the net back and forth chasing the ball, while two players continue to play the game. This concept is meant to emphasize the thinness of the table and the sharp angles.
Imagine a darkened smoky room with mobsters smoking cigars and drinking whisky out of old fashioned crystal glasses, all while standing around or leaning on the Zuvous table. Suddenly another group burst into the room and begin firing their guns at the mobsters. Time suddenly slows down while bullets fly through the air slowly. Someone flips the Zuvous table to its side and hide behind it to protect themselves from the hail of bullets.
Logo Development
The process of developing the Zuvous logo was long and thorough. All parties were very aware that the logo was the face of the brand and have great effect on the perception of the product. Thus, we went through a long and painstaking process of iterations to develop a logo that conveyed the luxury and exclusivity of the product while also showcasing the fun nature of Zuvous.
Logo iterations
Font selection
Typography is an important element for communicating the Zuvous brand. Like the company, the Hurme type family is friendly and modern. Hurme works in a wide range of sizes. It makes small copyright lines legible and provides impact for large applications on signs or trucks.
Brand colors
Colors are very important to the visual identity. The primary colors should dominate all print materials. In order for the color to display accurately in various applications, different color formulas are used, as shown here. The primary color palette focuses on the main colors for typography, as well as suitable background colors.
Brand book
The Zuvous brand is one of the brand's most important assets. The brand is expressed in many ways — behavior, services, and communications. All of this can be found in the 38 page brand book. This book include examples of product branding, photography guides, co-branding guide, as well as logo guidance, typography, and brand colors.
The following pages were carefully selected due to the confidential nature of some of the pages.

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