About this project
This project was a part of a larger milestone of redesigning the entire website modularly, beginning with the highest impact pages. 
The homepage was very cluttered and had a high bounce rate. The goal was to create a new homepage that displayed the full range of Walts TV's products, and highlighted some of the things that made Walts TV special, such as financing, buy online pick up in store, and current deals and special offers.
process & sketches
I began this process by exploring and drawing inspiration from the designs of Walts TV's competitors and other large e-commerce sites, such as Newegg, BestBuy, and Target. Meanwhile, I also took the time to make sure I was caught up on the latest UX and UI research on best homepage design practices articles online.
During this process, I noted the unique features of each site, which elements immediately caught my attention, and which actions were confusing and non-intuitive to the user.
This allowed me to brainstorm design concepts as well as refine the requirements of the homepage design; what to focus on, and what to avoid.
Once the requirements were set by the stakeholders and my research was complete, I started the ideation process by creating some low-fi sketches in my notebook. I also made sure to keep notes on the same page of specific elements that the stakeholders asked for, such as: social proofing, specials, and a banner carousel.
After deciding on a general layout and sketching out some ideas, I moved into digital iterations of my design. As you can see below, I experimented with different placement, and different ways of displaying the information and Walts TV's offerings dynamically.
After a few rounds of iterations and a couple of meetings with stakeholders, the following prototype was the final layout design prototype, to be populated and updated with content as product offerings and deals change. This file was created using Adobe XD and shared with the development team using the automated development share link.

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