startup Prelaunch site



What was the purpose of this project?

The goal of this project was to create a website for the startup, Turbulence while it was still in “stealth mode”. The idea was to create something that gave potential applicants and job seekers an idea of what the company aims to do, without giving out company secrets.¬†


How are the objectives going to be solved?

The concept behind this design was creating a mysterious and intriguing design, that not only stood out from the others, but also compels the user to return at a future date to learn more.

After approval from the stakeholders, I was given the go ahead to create a concept inspired by sci-fi intrigue. Thus, the cloudy night sky concept was born. The night sky represents the “pre-dawn” or pre-launch state that the company was in.

final product

the completion of the project with the final product

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