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What was the purpose of this project?

The purpose of this project was to create a UI design that allows the user to add bed accessories offered by Amerisleep to the user’s choice of mattress and “build” their own package. Thus, encouraging the user to add more items to their order and increasing the dollar amount per sale.


    How are the objectives going to be solved?


    The concept of this design is based off the idea of “gamefying” the shopping experience and making it reminiscent of customizing your own character in video games. See example below


    what were the sources of inspiration for this project 

    Since this project was a unique idea and there were not any other prominent companies that had a “bed builder” concept similar to this, I was given more freedom to choose sources of inspiration. While the concept of a product builder was not a new one, it was a new addition to the mattress and bed industry. Thus, I created the following moodboard to ensure that the company vision matched mine for this project.

    mockups and sketches

    displaying initial visual guides for direction of design

    After a discussion with the senior designer on the mood board and which elements the client wanted to include in the final design and which elements they decided to use for a different project, I began sketching my vision of the page. During this stage, I usually like to start with paper and pencil, and I like to iterate on my sketches many times until I am satisfied with the final product. Once I am happy with my pencil sketches, I then move them over to the computer and create a more in depth description of what I am trying to achieve with the page. Below are the initial sketches provided to the client.

    final product

    the completion of the project with the final product

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