website redesign

noor academy of arizona


What was the purpose of this project?

The goal of this project was to redesign the Noor Academy of Arizona’s website. The reasons behind the redesign were as follow:

  1. To better communicate the vision and mission of the school.
  2. To improve usability for visitors and parents of prospective students
  3. To encourage online enrollment of students


How are the objectives going to be solved?


My approach to this project was pretty straight forward. Following the initial design meeting in which I was assigned this project, I started putting together a general layout in which the most important selling points were highlighted. I showed the following image to the client before proceeding to wireframes and sketches.



what were the sources of inspiration for this project 

The research for this project revolved around the needs of this school, and advanced and attractive school websites. I surveyed many different school and university websites for all of the most attractive and most helpful features. From this research, I was able to create a mood board to present to the client.  

mockups and sketches

displaying initial visual guides for direction of design

After a discussion with the client on the results of my research, the mood board, and their likes and dislikes, I got started on creating rough sketches of the layout of the home page.

final product

the completion of the project with the final product

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