Product page design



What was the purpose of this project?

The goal of this project was to create an attractive product page for a new product of a multi-million dollar e-commerce company. I was asked to showcase the new bed sheet product in a way that highlighted the benefits and unique qualities of this particular sheet set. Specifically focused on the cooling nature of the Tencel sheets, the soft and silky feel, it’s sustainable, environmentally friendly, and hypoallergenic material source, and a technology called smarty-bandzZz that was debuted on this product.


How are the objectives going to be solved?


My approach to this project was pretty straight forward. Following the initial design meeting in which I was assigned this project, I started putting together a general layout in which the most important selling points were highlighted. I showed the following image to the client before proceeding to wireframes and sketches.


what were the sources of inspiration for this project 

My method for this project was similar to one that I used for many others. I first began by doing research on what e-commerce retailers that sold bed sheets were doing on their sites. I took this step in order to educate myself on what the current market looks like. I noted my favorite treatments before moving on to the next step. In this one, I researched web pages of companies that shared a similar stylistic feel to the client that I was designing for. After noting and collecting pieces that I felt I could gain inspiration from, I moved to the final stage of my research. In this stage, I took the time to look for products that shared similar selling points  to this product, no matter the industry. In the end, I used all of the visual assets collected to create the following mood board to present to the senior designer.

mockups and sketches

displaying initial visual guides for direction of design

After a discussion with the senior designer on the mood board and which elements the client wanted to include in the final design and which elements they decided to use for a different project, I began sketching my vision of the page. During this stage, I usually like to start with paper and pencil, and I like to iterate on my sketches many times until I am satisfied with the final product. Once I am happy with my pencil sketches, I then move them over to the computer and create a more in depth description of what I am trying to achieve with the page. Below are the sketches provided to the client describing the page and the sources of inspiration behind each section.

final product

the completion of the project with the final product

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