Mariam Fayad logo designer web development design


Personal Branding

As a senior at Arizona State University, I was required by one of my classes to create a personal brand, starting by creating a brand identity, a logo, and a business package.

Senior Project

Flavors of Palestine

I chose to create a hand coded recipe website for my senior project. All of the content including photographs and text was written, designed, and created by me in a two month period.

Web Design

Captain’s Campaign

I was tasked with creating a fake presidential campaign website for a candidate of our choosing. I chose Captain America and collected relevant information. I designed, and hand coded the entire website within three weeks.


Star Wars Product Photography

As a part of my education, I took a few photography classes, and really developed an affinity for it. In this project, I aimed to take pictures of Star Wars products in an intriguing and attractive manner.


Elementary School Photography and brochure design

I was asked to photograph children at a local elementary school and to create an advertisement brochure for enrollment.


Senior Pictures

I was hired to take a few portraits for graduating seniors. Here are some of my favorite shots.